Wednesday, March 23, 2011

It Is That Time of Life

Who would have ever guessed that 5 years could pass so quickly? When we first received our 5 year Residency cards, it seemed like it would be another lifetime before we ever needed to have them renewed. Actually, at the time, Ron was hoping we never would have the need, but here we are. 

Tomorrow, we return to immigration with our friend Laszlo in tow to interpret. The last time, we paid an agency to assist, though we had to do the majority of the work anyway. They charged us 850 Euros EACH for the pleasure. At the end, they said "The good news is that when you renew this, it is only a few pages." 

Well, we contacted them to see what they were charging for the 'few pages'. They did not choke on the ridiculous amount of 350 Euros each. One of my former students started a business helping clueless immigrants as well. Knowing it was for me, he discounted his fee to 250 Euros each. Maybe if had given him better grades, we could have gotten it down to 150, but too late now.

Ron and Laszlo went to scope out the office. There are so many immigration offices here, you could spend a week going, standing in line, only to be redirected to a different address. That was what happened when they went, but they struck the lottery on office number 2. 

Our paperwork is filled out, all 2 pages, four sides of it. Our photos are current. Keep your fingers crossed for us. I can feel my ulcer just waiting for someone or something to agitate it just a wee morsel more. 

Yesterday, my school laptop's C drive completely disappeared. Don't kid yourself though. I call it the school laptop, because I bought it for my use at school. The university has no responsibility to repair it. It is in the shop now. All of that woke my hibernating ulcer. 

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