Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Maybe Appearing Soon

I received this e-mail, which started off with...
I have been reading your blog... It’s great!

I’ve been reading blogs from every country on this planet looking for writers that would make great contributors for an online magazine my daughter and I are developing. I like what you write about. We could help each other.

My name is Patrick McCormick and our magazine is called “The e-Buffet”. Our prototype is online now. I hope you will take a look at it. It’s only been a month and we have assembled a remarkable group of talented artists and writers. It has become a Creative Collaboration and we are growing stronger every day.

Generally when I get e-mails like this, I check them out, but most are junk and get tossed. When I went to this site, I liked the looks of it, though it seems to be in an evolutionary stage. There is potential. I agreed to write for them, so starting soon, you will find that I can indeed bi-locate appearing here and at  the e-Buffet at the same time. Don't let the "bi" thing get out though, I have a reputation to maintain. 

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