Saturday, May 14, 2011

Kill Two Birds...

I found out about this new or at least new to me, bistro off my beaten track, but still in my district. It is called Kalicka, which apparently means cage. It was the picture display that I happened upon that attracted my attention planting that curiosity seed which sprouts faster than a dandelion in a newly mowed lawn. 

Ron and I ventured off to check it out. What a fun place. Just look at these photos. I could sit there and read all day while taking lingering stares at the art work. This is an imaginative artist. The single waiter/coffee barista/bartender was extremely efficient, but did not speak enough English to play twenty questions. I will have to return with a student to learn more, hopefully when they are not as crowded as they were yesterday. A complete review will be on our website for future travelers.

Then when I came home, my CRENK computer newsletter was waiting for me. One of the announcements was "Now you can play Angry Birds for free on any computer". Well, heck! If it is free, let's check it out. I have heard about Angry Birds for ages now, so I was really curious whether they finally got revenge on those pigs or if they were still holding grudges. I had to check it out and of course they sucked me into pulling their slingshot to destroy the pigs. Personally, I was betwixt and between since I really like pork. I did manage to get through the first three levels without chirp, but at the next level, the feathers were flying. It seems that I was doing more harm to the birds, making them even angrier and me potentially their next target. If you want to try your skill, they are living here.
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