Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Almost There

I warned you I was cleaning the Windows 7 desktop. This is the last note I had to myself for a blog topic to share and then we are back to normal laziness. This was in the English translated news on May 13th on Caboodle, so I am not too far off in posting it now. Certainly there have not been any major breakthroughs during the last two weeks. Rather than rewrite the news article, I am just going to post it as it was posted on Caboodle. This Window cleaning is tiring work.

Budapest street cleaners said to earn same wage as new doctors
Street cleaners in Budapest are offered about the same wage as junior doctors, daily Magyar Nemzet reported on Friday.

The Budapest municipality is recruiting street cleaners with an offer of monthly 120,000 forints (EUR 450) gross, about the same amount paid to young doctors after graduation. This gross wage amounts to monthly 90,000 forints net.

The paper reported last Friday that doctors from outside were planning to write their notices and place them on hold, soliciting a response from the government. If by December 31 of this year the government failed to address their problems, the en-masse resignations become activated, the paper said.

The doctors demands are a minimum net wage of 200,000 forints a month for career-starters and 300,000 forints a month for consultants, it added.

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