Thursday, June 02, 2011

The Angel and the Italian Breadcrumbs

I am not religious and certainly not a biblical person, but I do believe that angels walk among us. You may be familiar with the frequent rewards programs that airlines, hotels, even grocery stores run, but I bet you did not know about the Frequently Good to Others reward program. Some of you may know it as prosperity consciousness. Well, someone must have enrolled me in the Frequently Good to Others reward program, because I received multiple award presents on Wednesday.

The first and quite honestly, my favorite present was getting to spend a couple of hours with a vivacious lady. Okay, truth be told, she kind of lured me in with the promise of peanut butter and Italian breadcrumbs. However, I have to admit, once I met her the items she brought were the furthest thoughts on my mind. Ingrid was here on a tour and had a few hours before leaving for the airport. My offer was to tour her a bit around the city. 

Now one would think that having written two travel books on this city, this undertaking would be a breeze. Yet when you really don't know someone and have only a glimpse into what they have seen either by tour bus or arranged walks, it is difficult to plan. However, I managed to show her some tidbits that she had not previously discovered. My favorite mosaic is the Queen of Hungary and then the entry way to the Postal Museum, was also some objects of beauty I could share. We went to the Alexandra Bookstore in the Parisi Building to admire the restored murals of Karoly. Then we wandered to the Fészek Club to enjoy the trees in their outdoor garden where we had a drink accompanied by a continuation of engaging conversation. Ingrid has done extensive traveling, much of it independently which provided me with a healthy supply 'Vitamin Iintellectual nourishment. 

Ingrid had not seen any of the Stumble Stones the reminders that a Holocaust survivor had indeed existed. I brought her where I knew there were two side by side. From here we walked back to her hotel where we chatted a bit longer and she presented me with my gifts: three different types of Italian breadcrumbs and two jars of peanut butter. When you get gifts from an angel, it is truly a slice of heaven. 

Women like Ingrid, those that take life into their own hands and do not wait for others to lead the way, should consider writing for one of the Traveler's Tales women's books if they haven't already. Here is a sample

I am not sure who enrolled me in the Frequently Good to Others reward program, but I am certainly grateful for having met Ingrid. She alone would have been reward enough. She allowed me to take her picture, but not to publish. I am keeping it on my phone as a reminder of people being good to people, so if I ever meet you, I will show you a picture of Ingrid. 
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