Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Ryan's Popularity Up in the Polls

I just want to think it is a coincidence that I gain popularity when Ron is gone. There is this fear that I am really emitting some loneliness pheromone that I am not aware of causing people to be drawn to me like moths to a light bulb. Honestly, I am not lonely, but the attention is quite pleasant as well. 

Monday it was good-bye lunch with a Fulbright professor who was leaving the next day for the US. Tuesday was a coffee with a Hungarian poet/screenwriter, today I was stuck at home with guests coming and going and our cleaning person, but he never showed. The guests did. Tomorrow, I have lunch with another American who is a poet and writer, living here for twenty years. Friday, one of my former students is exposing me to a new budget eatery, my favorite kind. 

These and now having to clean the apartment myself, are just pushing things on my to-do list back from the top into the middle, and perhaps down to the bottom, but I have to enjoy the attention while it lasts. Come fall, no one will ever have heard of me again. 

Starting tomorrow, I will not have guests for a full week, so one distraction will be out of the way, so then it is serious concentration on those things to accomplish. 

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