Saturday, June 11, 2011

News Around Town Part 3

If you are a regular reader, you will have read about Ingrid. I only want to share one little piece of her e-mail to me. 

You alleviated my ignorance a lot by showing me some very exquisite and unexpected gems of Budapest, and I learned more from you in that short time than we, as a group, were told during several days in your city.   FYI, since my return I have questioned several tour members (all Jewish) about the Stumbling Stones, and none was familiar with them - obviously, they were not shown to us.

The stumble stones as I first heard them called, touched me deeply. Each time I come across one, I take a moment to bless that person in my own way, even those that I regularly pass. If you want to read more, there is a short article in the San Francisco Examiner here or the direct source for the man who started the whole thing here. When I wrote the 2nd Frommer's book, I had contact with him. At the time, each block was costing 92 Euros.

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