Saturday, June 18, 2011

Don't Drink and Pedal

One of our guests mentioned see a strange "bicycle-like contraption" around the city, but since he had also shared his was on meds for a delusional disorder, we just ignored it, but with smiles and "oh is that so". Today, as I was walking home, this bizarre contraption was steadily moving down the street resembling a boxy wooden centipede, but making quite a commotion. 

As if we don't have enough problems with the British Stag party revelers who come in groups the size of football team federations, get sh*tfaced, and practice their lung control like neglected newborns. Now we have something new to attract them, get them drunk earlier, faster, and they can pedal their ass around the city while they do it. 

Wait! That may be the selling point. They are pedaling around the city, not staying in one place, so after a minute their cheers of unintelligible rejoicing will fade like a worn out echo. So there is a silver lining to this after all.

For those who have consumed too many fluids, imagine seeing this coming down the street? Three stars to the company who runs and markets this as a "city tour". Yea, right! Funny people!
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