Thursday, June 16, 2011

Take the Travel Show on the Road

This morning when I opened my e-mail, I found this note from Margaret McMullan, who was a Fulbrighter here last semester in the outer regions of Hungary. She was gracious enough to come to Budapest to speak at the Budapest Creativity Group. While she was here, she left two of her novels for us: When I Crossed No-Bob and Sources of Light, but highly recommended young adult historical fiction.

Hi Ryan:

Hope you all are very well and enjoying a lovely summer!

I've been here in England running a summer writing program at our campus in Grantham. Today is our last day, and already we're planning for the summer of 2013, which will be the next time we come to England to run the program. I'm writing to ask if you think you would be interested in coming to talk about travel writing, and also, how much you think it would cost to get you here. Do you think you could come up with a sum? I really think you would be a terrific addition, but I have to say, we don't have a ton of money. You could come for two days, stay in the manor house, give a craft lecture or talk, maybe a reading if you would like. Whatever you think would be a good idea. Just let me know.

My very best wishes,
Margaret McMullan
Professor of English
Harlaxton College
The British Campus of the
University of Evansville

You won't need to guess at my response.

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