Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Premiering the New Site

After weeks of work, our new BudaBaB site has been launched. I need to publicly declare that this would not have been possible at all without the guidance, wisdom, Joomla knowledge, patience, and generousness of Nigel Hancock. Nigel is a British gentleman who is retired, but does website design as a sideline. He lives in Hungary, but not near Budapest. 

When I was looking for a Joomla tutor, he was one of the people who offered his services. The difference being that he was above and beyond a tutor; he has become a long distance friend. You see, we have never met, but have spent hours on Skype communicating. His patience is endless. We hope to remedy the meeting situation in the future, by hosting Nigel and his wife here as honored guests. 

If anyone needs a website created, you can reach Nigel through Hiros Design. I won the lottery with Nigel's services, but you will most likely have to pay his fee, which I am sure is reasonable. Here is a glimpse at the new BudaBaB site. Those who become members will see the list of options grow exponentially

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