Wednesday, May 04, 2011

One Last Spoon Comment

Measuring SpoonsImage via WikipediaThis is the last comment on spoons before they all get placed in the silverware drawer. Fortunately for Kim and readers, I am not dispensing recipes, so no fear I will ruin any baking. I will pass this on to my student though. If you want to learn Hungarian cooking, see Virag's blog here. Please do comment if you visit; I want her to continue it beyond my class this semester.

Kim has left a new comment on your post "Spooning Isn't Just for Cuddles": 

Coffeespoons as it happens are a often used in Hungary to measure, mainly in baking, PLEASE don't change them (some cakes could get very ruined) to teaspoons as they are only half of the size, if you must change it, to be more accessible then I'd suggest half a teaspoon as that is available in the UK and the US. :-) 

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