Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Time for Dinner?

One of my former students wrote me when a reader was looking for the best Chicken Paprikash n the city.  

"I have seen that you were looking for a great restaurant with good Hungarian food. However, I do not know any by heart, I can suggest you one really great restaurant. They are specialized; you can order a variety of food, but the clocks around you can fill your heart with a special feeling. Take a look at their website. The restaurant's name is Clock Cafe.

We gave it a try last Friday with Dr. Karla Kelsey, Allison Layfield, and Jeff Frawley. Let me tell you, Time Is On My Side, your side, his side, her side, upside and downside. The place is filled with clocks of all sorts, shapes, colors, sizes, and dials. I wasn't sure if we were meant to "second" guess the timing of our food from the "minute" we ordered it or if it was a clue we had stayed overstayed our welcome and should leave. "Hour" waiter was great and spoke English with "precision". We had to "hand" it to him. He could "sweep" through the orders without pause. And honestly, we "timed" it just right. According to 72 clocks, a half-hour after we arrived, the place was jammed with diners.

The food did receive mixed reviews. My assorted grill was perfect. Those vegetarians who ordered the salmon spaghetti were disappointed. The others were fine with their choices too. The only thing I disliked now that I am a reformed smoker was the stale smoke smell. I can handle people smoking, but not old smells of smoke. Come January, that will not be an issue any longer.

Time to go. The little hand is on the 8 and the big hand is near 21.
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