Saturday, September 27, 2008

Presidental Debate

It was not my intention to wake up for the first Presidential debate. I had planned to catch it in reruns or wait for the book to be released, and then a more entertaining movie that would surely follow. However, at 3:00 am, something woke me and I could not get back to sleep. I decided to watch it live. Although I thought Barack Obama looked, acted, and presented himself as presidential, I have to say I was disappointed with McCain's performance. The first question, the economy showed what many pundits have harped on for months; the economy is not his cup of tea. Rather than come forth with some critical thoughts that he should have garnered when he 'postponed' his campaign to return to Washington to fix the crisis, he floundered. What was all of the rhetoric about his flying to the capital to save the day, when he could not answer the question without pulling out old solutions and digging up Reagan's grave for answers to another failed economist. After watching the debate in its entirety, I spent another hour or so listening to the commentators' responses. It surprised me when some of the Republican panel members admitted that McCain's performance not only did not produce a slam dunk for him, it did not even make the waters warmer. Some Republican talk show host, whose name slips my early morning memory, said he was disappointed in the McC's answers and actually gave a great deal of credit to Obama for his responses. Score a big one for our side. The highlight for me was when Wolf Blitzer interviewed Joe Biden. When they were finished, Wolf said he would have loved to have had Sarah Palin on for equal time. Cooper Anderson who was present, loudly and clearly said "Don't hold your breathe on that one." I burst into laughter.

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