Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Bragging Time

I have used blogs with students for a few years now with great results. This semester, I am teaching a new program within the department that I created. It is Journalism, Creative Writing, and Academic Writing. For three classes, I am using blogs. Students have to post weekly. For the Introduction to Journalism class, I handed out a list of twenty questions. They had to find someone they did not know and interview the person using at least six of the questions. My Critical Thinking and Analysis class had to read the full book Ella Minnow Peas by Mark Dunn. It is a fantastic book that is adaptable to many classroom situations stimulating metaphoric thinking. After they finished the book, they had to write a letter to the author sharing their thoughts and feelings. The Race and Ethnicity in the US class had read three articles of White Privilege. For their first blog assignment, they had to take one article and compare it to the class discussion. Now I may be prejudiced, but I think that for new university students whose native tongue is not English, they did an exceptional job. I am very proud of them. Each class can post until the Monday at 5:00 pm after their last class. The hourglass in each signifies that they missed their deadline. If you would like to check out their blogs they are here. Journalism - http://elteintrojournalism.blogspot.com Critical Thinking - http://criticalthinkinganalysis.blogspot.com Race and Ethnicity - http://raceethnicityjourmalism.blogspot.com Any comments will be posted on the respective blog for students to view.

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