Saturday, September 27, 2008

Budapest Airport Security System

Budapest Airport has completed the installation of its new passenger security systems. As a result, the passenger security screening process has been significantly accelerated and queues at Ferihegy have been spectacularly reduced, or have disappeared completely.

The use of the new X-ray machines and archway metal detectors (AMDs) has increased the system’s throughput by 25-30 percent. Queuing has been eliminated completely during off-peak hours, whilst the screening of hand baggage and clothing now takes a maximum of fifteen minutes during peak periods, instead of half an hour, as previously. During the busiest summer season, one security channel screened up to 200 passengers an hour instead of the earlier 160.

BA purchased twelve new state-of-the-art X-ray machines and AMDs this spring for €3.5 million. Passenger security screeners are currently working with the new devices at all three of Ferihegy’s terminals. There are five new machines operating at Terminal 2A, four at Terminal 2B and three at Terminal 1.

The new systems now in use at Ferihegy are currently rated as the most sophisticated in Europe, since these models only appeared on the market last year.

No dangerous objects or materials remain concealed from the latest models by manufacturer Smiths Heimann. The machines are also quicker and more reliable than their predecessors. (For more information on the new devices, see the Notes to editors section below.)

Experience shows that significantly fewer passengers have to remove their shoes or have their clothing searched, since the AMDS, equipped with twenty transceivers, operate with a very low margin of error. This not only enhances security, but also comfort and the mood of passengers.

BA plans to introduce so-called “discretion booths” for departing passengers undergoing security screening at Terminal 2. These are screens equipped with upholstered seats, where passengers can remove their shoes in greater comfort and wait until their footwear is returned to them following screening. The cabins have already been procured; BA is currently training staff for the new process and is acquiring the necessary permits from authorities.

“The new equipment passed the test with flying colors,” said Budapest Airport CEO Jost Lammers. “As a result, we were able to process traffic during the summer peak season seamlessly. We are able to carry out the required security checks reliably, comfortably and much quicker than previously, thereby saving a lot of time for our passengers.”

“The upgrading of passenger security systems is part of Budapest Airport’s comprehensive modernization program aimed at making Ferihegy the most successful airport in Central Europe.”

Not much competetion if only in CE.

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