Friday, September 12, 2008

Matt Damon Speaks Out?

I posted a video on the right of Matt Damon speaking about Sarah Palin. Obviously, I am no closet Democrat, I am out there for all to see, but yet I still have some question about Matt Damon. Yes, many actors have gone on to politics riding on their celebrity to win elections. What was the name again of that B category actor that became President again? Then there is the former Zelda Gilroy character from the Dobie Gillis Show, in real life Sheila Kuehl who is a State Senator in California. Although many would like to forget, the Terminator is now Governor in California. There was a wresting champion as Governor in Minnesota. Surely, there are other screen guild members occupying government seats elsewhere also. But, by what political acumen makes Matt Damon a spokesperson? Even if one is to discredit his credentials for such, listening to this video did bring something to mind. Health insurance. He spoke about McCain's age, which triggered a problem we face with each vacation we take. Although I am able to readily find travel insurance for health care around the world for a nominal fee, it is a real issue finding it for Ron. He does have Blue Cross/Blue Shield; however, this requires an out of pocket payment and the hopes of being reimbursed 80% of the costs IF they agree with the charges. We have had experiences early on here in Hungary where tests were medically necessary for ruling out a cancerous growth, but BC/BS refused to cough up the reimbursement. Medicare does not provide coverage outside of the U.S. Ron now has Hungarian health insurance, which I have to admit is much better than any we had in the States. With Ron being over 65 years old, there are few choices for travel insurance and the few we have found are exorbitant. AARP is worthless, so don't even suggest it. Been there, tried that. Here is the link in my thinking on this. A U.S. citizen over 65 years old cannot get reasonable health coverage while outside of the country. Yet, we would consider risking the economic, political, and national security of the 'greatest nation in the world' in the hands of a 72 year old man who once had cancer. The key in what Matt Damon states is the phrase "actuary tables". We base so many things on actuary tables, the premiums we pay for health insurance, life insurance, death probability and more. Where does McCain fall on this table? Touting his 92 year old mother is a smoke screen to try to convince the public he has good genes and longevity, but where is his father? According to the actuary tables, U.S. women live longer than men do historically, so shoving your elderly mother in the public eye is no proof of anything. Being just the tip of the iceberg, it has made me wonder what Americans are thinking or rather do they think at all?

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