Friday, September 19, 2008

Hungary Heritage Days

Unfortunately, the website below has limited English menus.

The Heritage Days started as a French idea, but by now, the event has become an all-European movement. In Hungary, the traditional weekend is the third weekend of September. This year is it the 20th and 21st. All castles, historic houses, and museums, which may otherwise be closed to visitors are opened for inspection and touring.

The recommendation of the Europe Council is that all entries are to be free, entrances of buildings are to be marked with flags and a guide with extensive knowledge of the place talks about the building, its history, the activities that go on in it, as well as deciding on a central theme for each year.

This year’s central theme is the "Revival" – Year of the Renaissance, held within the framework of the Renaissance Year.

Alongside the main theme all other types of buildings take part in the event: churches, castles, historical houses, museums, industrial heritage are all looking forward to visitors who are interested in architecture.

Thanks to the good traditions of the last few years the cultural walkways continue to form: with the help of local guides and the introduction of interesting buildings these are becoming more and more popular. Unfortunately, the web site below has limited English information. Our aim is no secret: we want for people to get to know the values that are right around them, and to set off and discover places further away – even abroad. It is equally important for everybody to get to know the cultural and architectural values of their close and broader environment because this is what can motivate us to maintain and keep them." Further information: The National Office of Cultural Heritage 1 Táncsics u., Budapest, H-1014 Phone: 06 1 224 5586 Source:

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Paulroberts said...

We do this here in London too, this weekend there are many buildings open and some that usually charge are free, sadly no Gherkin this year though.

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