Friday, September 12, 2008

Maps of Note

There are sites where you can 'stumble upon' interesting web sites by accident. I have never used those, because I know I would spend many more hours glued to the computer than I already do. After all, as a writer, a university instructor, and an ex-pat, there are a significant amount of hours that necessitate the use of the computer. Today, I just by chance came across this blog, which piqued my interest and I felt a compelling need to share it. Myself, I am not a map person. Regardless of just missing being an Eagle scout in Boy Scouts by one merit badge, maps are still an anomaly to me. However, when a good map comes along that does not require me to go from point A to point B, my appreciation level does go into overdrive. The map collections on this blog are fun, funny, weird, interesting, historical and generally amusing. If you go to the link, don't forget to return to me. : )

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