Friday, September 05, 2008


As you might know if you have read this blog, each August we reach out to the new Fulbrighters coming to Hungary from the States. This year, it is slim pickings as there are only 14 coming this semester and then another 16 in January. Most of the 14 arriving or having arrived are outside of Budapest, so our chances of being social are slim.
One Fulbright teacher exchange wrote me back after our initial welcome letter and we exchanged quite a few back and forth e-mails. She and her husband will be in the Balaton area.
She e-mailed me about a month ago stating that she and her husband wanted to splurge and stay with us for one night while in Budapest for a Fulbright meeting. She went on to say that with the poor exchange rates, this was an extravagance for them. I booked them, but asked that they not share the information that I agreed to the one night since this is really against our two night minimum policy.
When she wrote back pledging her silence, she commented "You seem like such a great person who gets along with everyone. Is there anyone you do not get along with?"
I decided to give here the really abbreviated short list. Why scare her off before meeting. : ) So, I responded simply "Yes, there are those who I don't get along with. Anyone who tries eating my peanut butter...and Republicans."
I have not heard from her since.

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