Friday, September 14, 2012

U Crane Go To Kiev

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In the travel news via Budapest of course, there are two new destinations for Wizz Air. Starting December 2012, Wizz is adding two new routes. Budapest to Kiev, Ukraine and Tel Aviv, Israel. Tickets are on sale now, so remember to fill that special someone's Christmas stocking with airline tickets.  If you really like them, I doubt you'll want to send them off to Kiev in December or January, unless Santa has brought them a really heavy duty winter coat as well. 

Visas are no longer needed for Americans to enter the Ukraine, so come warmer weather, this will go on our travel list.

While I am on the subject of Visas, there are two items to mention. 

1.) A new agreement has concluded between Russia and the USA regarding Visas as of September 9, 2012.

This agreement will now make the normal type of visa for citizens of both the USA and the Russian Federation a multiple visit visa that is valid for three years. 

In the past a formal invitation was required to obtain either the business or tourist visa, but this will no longer be required. However, American citizens are still required to have advance arrangements made for lodging while submitting proof of such a registered tour operator. Both countries have pledged and committed to approve all visas within fifteen calendar days, or less.

2.) This item is the ever controversial length of stay for US citizens in Europe. The Schengen Agreement has flummoxed many for years. Many are still under the misconception that a US American passport allows them unlimited stays in Europe, while only having to cross a border to turn the clock back to start again. Untrue!
To save time and energy, I have put all the resources needed nested in my other blog. You can find them here.

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