Sunday, September 23, 2012

Grand Announcement - My Future Plans

I have been contemplating this for some time, but recent circumstances and an adjustment of time have allowed me to put this renewed plan into action. I have decided that since I have continued to maintain my Clinical Social Worker license, I should extend the ways in which I have used it or not used it since leaving California

As a clinical social worker, I am a licensed mental health practitioner (California license LCS 16233). This has enabled me to provide mental health therapy to individuals, couples, and groups. I had a successful private practice in California for a number of years where I had clients of all types and combinations. 

If you are interested in my other professional credentials, they are on my curriculum vitae, which is on my life coaching and mental health website Renovation of a Life.

For a number of years, in addition to having been a therapist, I extended my skills to life coaching when the client did not need therapy, but still needed guidance. My life coaching career had not ended when we left the United States, as life coaching can be accomplished through e-mail, phone calls or in person. However, due to initially adjusting to a new culture, followed by initiating a variety of other pursuits in addition to teaching university full time, I had not advertised beyond word of mouth, keeping my practice minimal. 

At this point in time, I am able to make a commitment to creating a limited practice for up to five therapy clients a week in addition to a maximum of eight life coaching clients. There may be some flexibility for balancing these numbers, but since I continue to be a full time university instructor, I have to balance my time as well.

For those living in Budapest, I will be able to provide face to face mental health therapy at an office located in the First Site Business Center at Kossuth Lajos utca 7, district V, Budapest. Further information is available on my website Renovation of a Life. Mental health clients must be adults. Although I have worked with children in the past, it is not an area of expertise.

If you feel that you may benefit from life coaching, it is something I can provide regardless of where you are living: here in Budapest or anywhere else in the world. In this age of technology, my life coaching is readily available to you without limitations. If you are in Budapest, we can meet face to face in the First Site Business Center office if you so choose.

For more information, visit my website  Renovation of a Life where you will find free assessment forms and brochures that explain more about the process of life coaching.

Because this blog reaches readers of all types: those just interested, ex-pats, armchair travelers, and others who happen to come upon it by accident, it is with this in mind that this is a resource that reaches out to you regardless of your life transitions or where you call home. 

Nationality is of no importance as long as you, the potential client is comfortable communicating in English.
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