Sunday, September 30, 2012

Mi a Magyar? What is Hungarian?

This is the exhibit I have been wanting to attend. I had been trying to coordinate with our loose group of friends to see who would join us. Most either did not respond at all or politely declined. Virginia, a lovely lady from my writers group accepted the invite, but as luck would have it, it had to be shifted multiple times. 

When we finally settled on today, it seemed set in stone, but alas that was not to be either. Virginia and I made it. Ron had to stay home to await guests who never provided an arrival time. 

Had I read the introduction in the brochure I had picked up a couple of weeks ago, I would not have been as surprised or disappointed as I was initially. I don't ever recall being inside the Műcsarnok exhibit hall before, so it did not occur to me upon entering how extensive this exposition could be. Upon entering there is a movie, animated, but extremely engaging. It is a retelling of a Hungarian legend of a deer, but there appears to be a deer mother and deer father. Mother deer bears six children from her back, but has six legs to support herself. None of this story was familiar. 

As we continued through, it became apparent that this was all modern art by Hungarian artists. Some of it was delightful, other pieces left me scratching my head asking "Why would anyone do this and who funded it?"

By the end of the displays, I was glad I had finally made it. This is one of the more traditional pieces that I really admired. There was a series of three, but I just snapped one.

The exhibit is on until October 14th, so if you are in the city, you should afford yourself of the opportunity. 

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