Sunday, September 23, 2012

Hold it, Hold it, Hold it

When you go for a chest x-ray, the technician tells you to take a deep breath and then "hold it, hold it, hold it!" while they shoot the picture. 

Well, these days when you call any company for customer service you may as well prepare yourself for a wait. I honestly think that this is why someone invented speaker phones. They were tired of holding the phone to their ear. Over our eleven years, I or someone else has complained about the quality of customer service here in Hungary. I have, however, qualified it with "Well, I cannot really complain because when I lived in California..." and I would continue with some disastrous lack of achievement there to show the parallel circumstances. Responses were and still would be the same from other ex-pats or Hungarians: "Oh, that must have been an isolated incident, because things are so much better in the US."

Interestingly, one of our dear former Fulbrighters posted this on her Facebook today. She is in the US. I am keeping this as proof that I was not alone and no, it has not improved. I guess it is worldwide if you look at the related articles below.

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