Sunday, September 30, 2012

Elephant Sized Art Work

Someone had posted this picture on Facebook stating this was made by a sleeping elephant in a zoo, but couldn't remember their source. Many naysayers said it was impossible for an elephant to do this. Reasons given were that 
1.) the formation was not concave, but instead convex in nature. 

2.) the eye would not have created such a perfect shape
3.) elephants do not sleep lying down, but only standing

Aside from the reasons whether they were deemed true or false, I thought this was an excellent piece of art. Before reading the Facebook note, I thought it may be a fossil found. 

Rather than believe the person who posted it outright and not wanting to automatically give credence to the boo-hoo society, I did some checking on my own. This is what I found. 

"This incredible image shows the imprint of Sundara, an eight-year-old Asian elephant, where it fell asleep in the sand at Chester Zoo." This was from the Daily Mail, a British newspaper online. I have to say, those British elephants do make beautiful art. 

If you are curious about elephant sleeping habits, read more about it here

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