Saturday, September 29, 2012

Top Budapest Interview

I submitted to an interview. Generally, I don't like these types of interviews, because the questions are vacuous, leading me to ask "Who gives a rat's %#@^ about it." However, this one had something I could work with and after I explained that I had been here over 11 years, she was still interested. 

It is uncertain how Anna, the publisher found me; I forgot to ask. Regardless, she was gracious to include my mental health therapy and life coaching with a link to my site, so I was appreciative.

You can read the interview here. This is a site I will keep handy for reference. 

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Anna Kaszásné Becsei said...

me up with such nice Congratulations on the report Ryan, and appreciation for the interviewer to come up with such great details about who you are and what your expertise are!

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