Friday, May 29, 2009

A Rose by Any Other Name Doesn't Get to Board the Plane

Coming soon to an airport near you

Travel Industry Today, Tuesday May 26, 2009

Here’s a new rule that you should know about. No longer reserved for just killers (Lee Harvey Oswald, James Earl Ray, John Wayne Gacey) and Hollywood (Mary Tyler Moore, James Earl Jones, Sarah Jessica Parker), middle names that are included on passports and drivers' licenses, will soon have to be reflected on the passenger's ticket when they fly within the US, and by December, if they fly overseas. The requirement from the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) is supposed to make it easier for travellers, airlines and the TSA to avoid ID hassles at airports. Because the master lists of questionable travellers are apparently in full-name format, the TSA wants to make sure that travel documents conform to its lists. The requirement was supposed to take effect May 15 for domestic travel, but has been pushed back a month or so. The new rule apparently stipulates that passengers must travel under their name as it appears on the ID utilized to board their flight. That typically means a passport or a driver's license domestically, and a passport or "enhanced" driver's license internationally. Under the new rule, when making flight reservation, each airline is supposed to obtain the full name of the passenger and pass it along to the TSA. The ticket and/or boarding pass should exactly match the identification used. The TSA has announced that it will be lenient in case of small differences.

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