Friday, May 29, 2009

Life in the Boonies

Ron had arranged to call me today from Iowa where he is visiting his brother and sister-in-law. Before he left, knowing he would find it impossible to call, while slightly less possible to tell me when I should call him, I created a Jajah button on our website. If you are a slave to Skype, you owe it to yourself to check out Jajah. You do not need that annoying headset, because you use your own phone either land line or mobile. With the button on our website, anyone from countries that I have designated can call us during hours that I also have control over and we pay for the call. It is just a negligible amount, it is worth the cost if they are calling for a reservation. What I had not thought about was the outback of Iowa, where the entertainment of the day is watching the hummingbirds feed off of the red syrup set out for them. Ron called as scheduled, my phone rang, I accepted the call and was disconnected. This happened twice, but then I tried calling him. The line was busy. Fifteen attempts later, only to get a busy signal, I gave up thinking if he really wants to communicate with me, I am sure they still sell postcards with cornfields. He can send me one. The problem is that the ole family farm still only has dial up Internet service. What happened to the satellite system that was supposed to make every nook and cranny in the US enabled with high speed Internet? This is like time travel after you have put the machine in reverse by accident. Who can live with dial up 56kp in this day and age? The reason I could not get through was because the computer was on tying up the phone line, giving me a busy signal. The funny part is that ethnocentric Americans who continue to believe Hungary is still a communist country or better yet that it is a third world country, don't realize that we have had high speed Internet since 2002. Go Hungary!! He would probably have had better luck going to an Internet cafe, but then again that would be an hour's drive and he no longer has a driver's license.

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