Friday, May 08, 2009

It is a Small World After All

Dear Dr. James, I have a nice story for you, I am sure you will smile as I tell you. You know I just arrived in Portsmouth and started my internship at RMC. As I was spending my first week in office, introducing myself to everyone, a nice lady came into my room and said she has been to Hungary and had a great time there. I was happy to hear that, so we started to chat about Budapest and her experiences about the city. She said she and one of my other colleague stayed in a B&B in the Pest side of the city, a nice, cozy place owned by two Americans, one of them is a collage professor... Then, all of a sudden, it occured to me that I read about your B&B in the intro of your Frommer"s Budapest Guide, so I asked whether his name was Ryan. She said yes, so I immediately logged on to facebook, showed your picture to the lady, and she smiled, "oh, yes, that's him." The women are called Susan and Kim; they spent some 3 nights at your place around December, 2007. They also told me you might remember them as "they were pretty good guests":) and they also brought some presents with them from the States, a book, titled Water for Elephants and some maple syrup. They were both excited to hear that I was one of your students at the University, and they gladly recalled their fond memories about the two of you with Ron and about staying at your B&B. We were all overjoyed by this little nice coincidence and smiled about how small the World actually is. Isn't that great?! After all, I told them, without you I might not even be here in this office right now since you gave me one of my recommendations, a really strong one that helped me to gain this opportunity. Thank you again for that and hope this story made your day as it definitely made ours the other day! Best regards, Viktoria

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