Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Doctor, Doctor Give Me a Cure

Yesterday, after procrastinating for a long time, I tried to see the doctor. Okay, my brother is not the only procrastinator, but in my defense, I only do it where medical issues are concerned. I would rather not know and be taken by surprise than to know and suffer the treatment. Perhaps not the most intelligent thing to do, but... My other defense is that it took the university five months to straighten out my health insurance coverage giving me plenty of time to be an excused procrastinator. When they finally had it in place, it was the busy season at school, with lots of classes, thesis student to herd, and life was just too busy. To see a doctor, we go to our district clinic, which is just around the corner. The doctor is in 4 hours a day, but different hours Monday to Friday. When I finally pushed myself into going, I found that the English speaking doctor had left Hungary for London and a better paying job. This added a new twist, I needed to bring an interpreter along. Not wanting to discuss my personal issues with a student, I had to arrange a mutual time with our friend Laszlo. When we went to the clinic, it was the wrong set of four hours. The doctor had office hours from 8 to 12 on Mondays. We also discovered that the district is broken down further and although there are about ten doctors at this clinic, you have to go to the one to which your street is assigned. We now have this little old lady doctor. I am not showing her anything on this body. When the other doctor asked Laszlo why it took so long if this problem has been on-going, my first reaction included fear of showing up. However, afterward, it occured to me that what I forgot to include is the fact that I did not have a working health insurance from early November when I went in for a flu shot until the end of March. To complicate matters, I have to arrange an interpreter. The English speaking doctor was far from fluent making it uncertain how much I could explain clearly and thoroughly. We are trying again on Friday, but this time we will go to the specialty clinic. I had better have a good book handy and the book in Laszlo's hand had better be an English/Hungarian medical terms dictionary.

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