Monday, May 04, 2009

Just What I Did Not Need

Ron has been planning his annual State side vacation when I made it clear he was going to have to come to terms with sorting through our goodies in storage at my dad's in NJ. He added that leg to his itinerary. Since he is using frequent flier miles, it was basically a cheap option; surprisingly the deals of one way airfares were at bargain levels with United. Cedar Rapids, Iowa to Newark, NJ was only $137.00 with taxes and other trumped charges airlines have conjured up in the past few years. His concern about taking on this project was making decisions about what to keep and what to shed. When we packed up, we thought we were going to be gone for a year, not eight. Nestled in packing materials are appliances to fit a gourmet kitchen. It seemed logical that a year of sitting around would energize them when called to duty yet again; however, has eight years made them lazy to the point of not wanting to serve their purposes at all? Regardless, it is pointless to ship them to Hungary with different prongs, different currents, and more basically cheaper to replace than post. On the other hand, secreted away in boxes, tubes, trunks, and cartons is an assembly of our living history that filled the first eight years of our life together. Beyond a hand mixer, there are antique Chinese brass horse stirrups we found on a side trip when my aunt and uncle came from Michigan to visit; there are hand blown glass pomegranates we collected in Greece as a New Year's omen, buying out the store and never finding them again on subsequent visits; there is a porcelain stature of an African woman that I continually admired in a shop, which Ron has surprise me with as an anniversary present. These are not just boxes, these are personal archeological treasures waiting to be unearthed again, displayed, loved, and have renewed memories poured upon. With this much attachment, is it no wonder Ron was feeling the responsibility at hand a no win situation? Yea, though I walk through the valley of death, I shall fear no evil, except Ryan's wrath. AMEN to that brother!!

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