Wednesday, August 06, 2008


Many people who live abroad do not realize they can vote from anywhere in the world. It is simple to register through the computer in whichever US State you lived in last, or for those who have never resided in the US, there are states which will allow you to register in them. Some children of business or government members are now of age to vote, but may never have lived in the US. Everything you need to know is at When still living in California, I often heard people say is that they did not like standing in lines at the polling booths or some did not even know where they were to vote. The simple solution is what I did for each and every election. Sign up for an absentee ballot. You do not have to be away from home to use it and you vote is still as valid as all those who go to the machines to cast their ballots. If you have a transportation or time concern, this will take the pressure off. Just inform your local registrar's office in time to request it. Whether you are in NY, but vote in Kentucky, there is no excuse not to vote.

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