Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Reader Comment

From reader Paul: I've heard similar stories, a Hungarian friend used to work as a Hostess at a downtown BP restaurant, the US customers were always the ones who would eat everything off their plate, then complain and not want to pay when the bill came. In regard to the above comment, it behooves me to add that after almost seven years, I still find that the evil ethnocentrism creeps into my life like a weed in a freshly designed garden. Thoughts still rise to the surface asking "Why can't they (Hungarians) realize that they would be better off if they did it this way?". However, I have eradicated the sub-text of "in America, we do it this way and it is better", but it has been substituted for "in Denmark, or in Germany, or in Finland, or ..." replacing what used to be America as the golden standard for a European country that achieved success in ways we have never embraced.

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