Saturday, August 30, 2008

Laugh or Cry, Laugh or Cry?

Laugh or cry, that is the question now that McCain has chosen his VP. There are a three American B and B guests here when the announcement came in. Five of us in total were flabbergasted, but definitely not speechless. The way we questioned what was he thinking, you would have thought that we were Republicans who felt slighted by not being in the loop on what seems to be a moronic decision. Personally, I believe that Obama and Biden can make this work for them, if they are smart. If they don't I will have lost all hope for American politics. Let's use some critical thinking just off of the surface. Palin is a first time governor and only for two years, in a state that ranks 47 in population. The only states with smaller numbers are North Dakota, Vermont, and Wyoming. Alaska does not even have one million residents, if you only count humans. Before this, she was a mayor of a small town. With this information, the Republicans had the audacity to state that she has had fiscal experience since she had to draft the State budget for two years along with military experience since she heads the Alaska National Guard. EXCUSE ME? How is any of this comparable to the US as a whole? Well she is a mother of five and was a hockey mom. She is a good Christian. Well, how does the good mother of five plan to divide her time as a good Christian mother between her children and helping to run a country. Her last child was born with Downs. She knew this ahead of time, but made the decision not to do anything to end the birth. I can respect that; however, she went back to work three days later. Is this a responsible mother with a special needs child? Any time women want to make any gains in maternity rights in the workplace, they will point to Sarah as a shining example of women who are warriors equal to men. On the other hand, where are those Christian family values people who believe the family unit in the most important thing. She left a special needs child to return to work, a child who would especially need his mother. She does not believe in birth control or abortion. Hmmm...she just had a baby, so we can guess she has not gone through menopause yet and surely that is a sign she and her oil rigger husband are still doing the wild thing on ocassion. Now let's think. Yesterday, McC turned 72. If he should have a stroke while in office, we will have a mother of five, potentially a mother of six or seven, with no experience for more that 700,000 people running a country with a populaton of 281,421,906, but that was in 2000 at the last census. Let me do the math here. Gosh, that is a whole lot of people the president is responsible for. I bet the federal budget is a wee bit more expansive than the budget of Alaska. Maybe, the US military services have a few more people than the Alaska National Guard, you think? Her son joined the military on September 11th. If my son, if I had one, did that during these times, I would kidnap him while dragging him to a deprogrammer or the Canadian border. She believes that the Adam and Eve story should be taught in schools. We have had almost eight years of being the laughing stock of the world, can we survive four more without imploding. The US was the greatest nation in the world; China is creeping up on our tail with their economic supremecy and they hold a giant bag of American dollars in reserve, as does Japan. If either decide to cash out, 1929s bank crash will seem like a walk in the park.

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