Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Questions from the Audience

Since my Frommer's guide hit the bookstores, I get a number of interesting questions from readers. Some I can easily answer, while others I have to research, which I do not mind doing at all. One reader from Canada asked me to help her locate a store where she could buy a Hungarian team football shirt for her son when she is here in November. Not being a sports oriented person, I had not even imagined that such a thing existed, but I went to the experts. I posted the request to my students who responded within the hour. For future reference, my own as well as anyone else who may want the information, I am posting it here. Sportsmania Budapest V. Kossuth Lajos utca 2/b (near Ferenciek tere).

Budapest VII. Rákóczi út 64 www.lionsport.hu/catalog/index.php?cPath=102_103_122_919 If you happen to use Google maps, the default Rákóczi út 64 is in the wrong district, so make sure you put in VII or you will never find it. Another request I had to do some homework for was a request for information about a private tour guide who would drive two people from Budapest to Krakow, Poland and arrange for hotels along the way. I went to the TourInform Office for this one. The person there at first looked at me as if I had six heads, but then stated this was once a popular means of transportation. However, due to improved infrastructure, this is no longer a viable means of touring. He suggested that in the past, these were arranged through travel agencies. I called Vista Travel, the largest travel agency in the city where English is commonly spoken. The person I spoke with said they did not know of anything such as this in existence any longer and suggested a train for transport.

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