Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Reader's Comments

Usually, when a reader sends in a comment to a posting, I republish it in the body of the blog. I know I for one do not generally think to click on the "Comments" to see what others have said. I have been known in the past to also republish the hateful, negative comments as well as the positive ones trying to be balanced. A woman sent me a note to my e-mail complementing me on the blog and I had all good intentions of posting it. However, at the time, I was inundated with other things and deleted the e-mail without thinking. My regrets, but if she should read this and would resend it, I would love to have it here. In addition, yesterday I received another comment from Jim: "Great Blog - I've always wanted to visit Budapest but have always missed it while in Europe. I've never seen Mutts before either - hilarious -" Following his link, I see that he too has a blog, which I found quite impressive and worth a look see. For those interested in gardening head over to As Jim says in his blog, if you don't make a comment, I will never know you were here.

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