Thursday, August 21, 2008

SkyEurope, Central Europe's first low cost low fare airline - SkySaver Program

This was in my SkyEurope Airline newsletter today. At first, I thought it was a frequent flier program, but it is actually a test of faith. 1. You have to have faith the airline will not fold. (Unlikely for this one). 2. You have to have faith they will continue flying from your home airport. Ah, this is the clincher. They used to have over 15 destinations from Budapest, but they are now down to one: Trieste, Italy. Interesting marketing idea, but in these tumultuous times, it would be curious to see how many plunge into the program. SkySaver Program SkyEurope's new SkySaver program is an ideal solution for SkyEurope frequent flyers or small business entities to purchase SkyEurope services for their needs at a discounted price based on a prepaid account. Key benefits of SkySaver program: * Immediate bonus – from 10% to 20% depending on the amount deposited to Customer’s account. * No credit card fees (saving 4 EUR per one way flight). * No booking fees for the online bookings made through B2B account via (saving 10 EUR per one way flight). The following SkySaver packages are available: * Sky Saver Basic (Pay €500, receive a bonus of €50) * Sky Saver Medium (Pay €1,100, receive a bonus of €165) * Sky Saver Premium (Pay €2,500, receive a bonus of €500)

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