Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Presidential Foul Play

Hungarian President Pál Schmitt resigned on April 2nd. He was going to do it on April 1st and then say it was an April Fool's joke. Oh my stars, the man is still blaming other people to the bitter end. He claimed the dissertation supervisors should have uncovered his illegal behavior at the time it was happening. He may be partly correct with this. They should have been highly suspicious that a jock could write a 215 page dissertation without 3 lifelines. 

Come on, the Cold War was over in 1992 when he submitted his dissertation, but apparently not enough years have passed for ethics to sink in. What is especially appalling is how we stress the importance of not plagiarizing to our students, by all of the faculty, yet the President of Hungary still tries to place blame elsewhere. Does he have no dignity at all? I would be less abhorrent if he just admitted he couldn't write a dissertation and moved on. 

This is like saying the victim I robbed was wrong at the time since he never caught me in the act. The stupid fool allowed me to steal from him.  

Students be aware. The plagiarism spies are out to hunt you down now, before you point fingers at us later.
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