Friday, March 30, 2012

Hungarian Secret Service

In my Caboodle newsletter, there was this item "Foreign Ministry launches bilingual consular service info site" which sounded promising as a source of information to keep on hand for sharing in the future. The words "The site" are hyperlinked, giving me a logical reason to believe it would take me to this new info site where I could read more. The link is no good and leads to a dead end only. When I tried Googling it, all links lead back to Caboodle. I thought that if I clicked on their source, MTI, I would at least get it in Hungarian where I could figure out a link. Nope! That just leads to more Caboodle articles. 

Finally I this site, but it is nothing new. So it seems for now that Caboodle is part of the Hungarian Secret Services division.  
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