Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Look Here and You Won't Find Me


This was one side, but it is now closed. 

The 2nd and new side is here.

Find Budget Nomad now at
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Hoping to see you in the new digs!

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Budget Nomad Has Moved!


If you have enjoyed Budget Nomad and want to continue to do so, you will have to look in a new location. From now on, you will need to direct your browser to

Budget Nomad decided after 2,547 posts and 604,936 page views, I decided it was time to look more professional with a professional URL and site. 

Now before you get disappointed, I have to warn you...not all of the boxes are unpacked yet. There is still some decorating to get done to make it all pretty and really welcoming. However, I think you will find a warm welcome if you head over there now. You can watch it evolve.

Thank you for sticking with Budget Nomad. You are an important part of the process.  Don't forget to Like and Share pages. It keeps my spirits up.

See you over on the other side. 

Budget Nomad

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