Sunday, March 11, 2012

Time is on My Side, Yes It Is

If that title rings some bells, either you are showing your age or you are musical historian. As for me, time is on my side, because I goofed up and gave wrong advice on Friday night. 

We had hosted a Fulbright gathering, getting a few of the best and brightest of them with a smattering of others who are not Fulbrighters to co-mingle in a social environment. We had a splendid bunch and the evening was as fun and fulfilling as any of the past years. However, when people started to leave, I with all good intentions, I announced what I had read earlier in the day. This was the weekend to spring forward into Daylight Savings Time

It should have been a red flag when Todd Berliner, this semester's distinguished chair Fulbright scholar, commented "Oh, really? It is the same in the US." To which I have to further counter with "I thought the US was weeks apart in time changing."  We all talked some more and eventually everyone left and I did not think anything of it on Saturday. 

Come Saturday night, I set my alarm clock an hour ahead. My assumption was that my Galaxy Tab would reset itself once turned on with an Internet connection. I know the computers do this automatically. What I was curious to see is if my watch changed time automatically. It has GPS tracking so that it will change time automatically from one time zone to the next if I travel. 

When I woke this morning, not one of my electronics had changed. I was disappointed in technology. When the computer finally booted and that had not changed either, I was suspicious. Europe does not change until March 25th this year.

What to do? Call everyone who was here to tell them to change their clocks back if they had do it? Send an apology e-mail? Wait to see who responds to me and then tell them I was getting practice for April Fool's Day?

I am letting it slide and letting them forget the whole thing, since Time is on My Side, just like it was for the Rolling Stones.
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