Thursday, April 26, 2012

Oh, What a Week

This has been a week of sleepless nights, mostly due to positive excitement. Tuesday we had both guest rooms repainted. The colors were still nice, but no longer lively. One room is still pink, but a darker shade than it was, not quite a shocking I want to smash you in the face pink. 

The other room which was a wonderful shade of greenish-blue is now a deeper greenish-blue, but with just a tinge of green. It is hard matching colors that are nine years old and have fades over time.They have both been done in a semi-gloss, something I could not find back when they were painted originally. 

Wednesday was the day for our new living room furniture to be delivered: sofa, loveseat, and chair. The old ones looked okay if you did not lift the throw we had on the seat of the sofa. It was worn bare, even with it being leather. We replaced all of it with a cream colored leather set. The problem was coordinating getting rid of one set before the other arrived. I sent out notices that the old set was free for picking it up and carting it off. One of my former students manhandled it out the door on Tuesday, so we had to borrow one of the sofa beds from the guest room to sit on Tuesday evening. Another student took our old huge coffee table for some pub he and another friend created in their dorm. It served us well.

Wednesday, while I was at school, the new furniture arrived. I was so excited to see it, I almost wanted to leave school early. No can do! It is thesis time, so all of the students that I advise are pouring in with last minute needs. Adding salt to the wound, this is also the time of year when the specialization coordinators do interviewing for next year's program. I had three appointments set up for after teaching my five classes that afternoon. When I finally was able to see the new furniture, I just melted into its leathery embrace.

Ron had ideas for rearranging the furniture and it has made a world of difference for the better. Today, was the last of it for our apartment. We had three bedside stands delivered and a new desk for the small room. While shopping, we also bought 3 reading lamps for the bedside tables. Now I have to take photos of the rooms for publishing on our site as well as the others we advertise on. 

Tonight, I will do an oral exam for a potential doctoral student who is applying for a Fulbright Scholarship to go to the US. Tomorrow morning, I will do another at 10 am and I did one last week also. They need a native speaker who has a doctorate, so I am willing to assist.Since I am meeting them for coffee, they are treating. That is my fee, but regardless of the quality of the coffee, it will not influence my evaluation of their command of English.

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