Sunday, April 29, 2012

ExPat and Potential ExPat Alert

I promised to write something about I have been a member of this for years now, though not an active one, I do appreciate it when I get news from them. They sent out a request that all we expat bloggers share their information, so here it is. is a participative website dedicated to life abroad. When it was created seven years ago, the idea was to gather a unique platform containing all the expatriates’ blogs from all over the world on one website. Expatriates’ blogs are indeed a great way to get information about real life in a foreign country.

As the years went by, new features have been added to the website such as a forum, guides, albums, and a business directory. Expat blog now has more than 420 000 members and 1.8 million visitors per month.

They just launched 2 new features to help expatriates and soon-to-be expatriates in Hungary : Jobs and Housing. Finding a job and an accommodation are essentials for any expatriation project. Employment is one of the first motivators for mobility. Looking for a job abroad, while still living in your  native country is nearly impossible if you are not being transferred by your home company. With its new international job board, Expat blog gives potential ex-pats access to job offers in Hungary.

It is a similar process when looking for an accommodation. It is not easy to look for a place to live when you are quite far away. The housing section enables you to select or offer accommodations as per your needs: rental, sale, flat share, and more. There are housing offers in Hungary. One that I can personally vouch for is the Feri Flat, because we own it.

However, if you are considering a place and need someone on the ground to assist you in meeting your needs before you arrive, contact me. For a nominal fee, I will visit your potential rentals, take photos, give you an honest assessment, and send a detailed report to ensure you make an intelligent decision.
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Anonymous said...

Good info about being an expat in Hungary. I'd add that one should consider getting an international health cover when going to live or work abroad. It is unlike any other type of medical insurance out there. In my experience, it's important to really understand what your insurance provider covers and what the additional costs are.

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