Saturday, April 07, 2012

Mac Attack

There has been a Mac Attack, but it has nothing to do with McDonalds. Secretly and selfishly, it is what I have been waiting for for a very long time. Mac computers have been attacked with a virus

Why does this make me so gleeful?  For years, every Mac owner I knew had this pompous attitude that Macs were indestructible, no virus could penetrate their system. What had been pointed out to these people as well as all Mac owners was the truth of the matter was Macs sales were not significant enough to bother configuring a virus for them. 

Now that Apple products are developing their own golden arches in sales with iPads, iPhones, iThis and iThat making their stocks boom, they are also making them juicy prey for those vigilantes out there that love to attack and run. With Apple products all tethered to teach other, it won't be long before one virus on the Mac is transferred across the board to all other iStuff. 

In the US alone, there have been hundreds of thousands of Macs attacked with the Flashback Trojan. Read more here. Is it called Flashback as in "Gee, we should have done this before now."
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