Saturday, October 05, 2013

What Does the Fox Say?

This morning I found there was some problem with my computer speakers when I was trying to watch a video on brain training exercises. I had Skyped my friend Daphnee last night, so I knew they worked then. Going to YouTube, I randomly clicked on a video, but no sound. Adjusting the sound with the microphone did nothing. After running a system, check I tried again and clicked on a random YouTube video, the one below.

I have never heard of Ylvis, though to be honest I am not sure who the heck Miley Cyrus is and what is twerking. I keep meaning to Google it, but it has not hit my top ten list of things that need doing. After watching this video, it occurred to me that come April, when I finally return to the US after a leave of absence for over ten years, culture shock may just paralyze me. The last time I wandered on US soil was January 2013, though we were in the Miami airport after that for a plane transfer. We never left the security zone.

What is in store for me?
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Ian Morgan said...

You will be pleased to know that Ylvis er Norwegians so you should hopefully not have too much of a culture shock. lol

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