Monday, October 21, 2013

The Little Great Get-Away

On Wednesday, which happens to be a national holiday in Hungary, we will be leaving to visit our 59th country. First we will fly to Toulouse, France where we will spend one night before taking a long bus ride to Andorra. Andorra is number 6 of the 10 smallest countries in Europe. It is 468 km2. It is located in the eastern Pyrenees, bordered by Spain and France. This will be a quick and short get-away during my fall break from the university. 

Andorra is accessible via Barcelona, Spain or Toulouse, France. There are no airports or trains within the country. It is co-governed by France's Prime Minister and the Bishop of Barcelona, but they have their own council in addition.

This will be our 5th country visited on the list of 10.
1. Vatican City (0.44 km2) ranked # 1 Really a ‘sovereign city-state’
2. San Marino (61 km2) ranked # 3
3. Malta (316 km2) ranked # 5
4. Luxembourg (2,586 km2) ranked # 7
5. Andorra (468 km2) ranked # 6

Still to go are:
Monaco (1.95 km2) ranked # 2
Liechtenstein (62 km2) ranked # 4
Cyprus (9,251 km2) ranked # 8

Kosovo (10,887 km2) ranked # 9
Montenegro (13,812 km2) ranked # 10

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