Sunday, October 13, 2013

One Ring-a-ding, Two Ring-a-ding

Most of you are probably too young to catch the reference in the title. It is a skit that Lily Tomlin used to perform acting as an old time telephone operator. Aside from the pun with the title, considering Ms. Tomlin is a lesbian, it makes it extra special to connect with her for this news flash.

We received the first draft of the design for our wedding rings. Being they were colorized in the picture, it was difficult to imagine what they will look like in gold. None of this coloring will appear in the final rings.

I asked the jeweler if she could take out the coloring so we could get a better idea of the final product. She did do this. With the black and white, it is a little easier to imagine them in gold.

These rings have been on hold for 20 years. I am so excited to finally get them made, even if I have to sell a kidney to afford them. Some things just cannot be skimped on. Let's face it, there was a huge savings not needing an engagement ring.
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