Wednesday, October 02, 2013

Second Groom Lost in Transit

Today, Embassy Suites sent us the link for the direct booking site for those of you who will be attending our nuptials come April. You can book your room directly at a discounted rate. If you choose to stay elsewhere, I have gathered suggestions from relatives who have live in Des Moines and put their suggestions on the Wishing Well site here. Look for the link for 'Other Hotel Options'.

With the excitement of receiving this next step in planning our event, I realized something was wrong.

What is wrong with this picture? I wrote our Embassy Suites event planner, Jessica. Let’s hope she can do something about it. In the meanwhile, those who want to be early birds are welcome to use the links. The site will be functional regardless of the picture. Click here to book a room or get more information.

In the meanwhile, I spent an hour on the phone with a wedding planner last night. I thought I could do it all myself, but the minute details are beyond my reach, being so far away.

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