Tuesday, June 04, 2013

There Goes the Neighborhood

I walk through Vörösmarty tér each time that I go to the gym, (five days a week if you are wondering), but today there was something more alarming than usual.

Generally, during the ‘summer’ months, if this year the weather ever syncs with the calendar to call it summertime, there have been numerous food vendors that spring up on the square. They generally have a tendency to clutter the pedestrian flow of traffic. I have never been a fan of these addition obstacle courses with the exceptions of seasonal markets like Christmas and Easter.

Today, when I came out of the metro, I was greeted with the cacophony that carpentry tools are responsible for creating. This is what I witnessed. Like a bad rash, they are spreading throughout the square and down Váci. Although I am curious about seeing what commerce engages these little metal huts, I genuinely despise their littering an otherwise beautiful square.

A couple of blocks away, on Deák Ferenc tér, near the Lutheran Church, there is a photo exhibit. Since none of the photo captions are in English, from the words I can decipher combined with a splash of  logic, my best guess is that these are photos of the Hungarian troops who are or were in Afghanistan.

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