Wednesday, June 05, 2013

Air France Wants You to Hop

Hop on a flight. That is what Air France is promoting these days with their latest service called Hop! Responding to the budget airlines that have been kicking them in the rear rudder, leaving them behind in streaming fumes of jet fuel, they are fighting back.

Hop! Is billed as a low cost flying alternative with primary destinations scattered throughout France. What a surprise that is, right? Well from Budapest, one can fly to a number of Francophile destinations, many of which may not have been on one’s radar in the past.

Offering three levels of service, there is something for everyone’s budget. Choose from Basic, Basic Plus, or Maxi Flex. The Basic for example is 55€ each segment, but only includes 1 piece of hand baggage of not more than 12kg or 55cmx35cmx25cm. Yes ladies, your purse counts as this one piece.

If you need that extra luggage, it will need to be under 23kg, checked in, and it will run you 15€ per trip if you remembered to order it on the Internet. Otherwise, it will be 30€ per trip at the airport. Notice that per trip means each flight, not round-trip. By-pass the added charge by springing for the Basic Plus or Maxi Flex where 1 piece is free or 2 pieces are included in the Maxi amount.

Do you want to earn miles with the Air France Flying Blue program? You sure can for just an extra 5€, which will add 250 miles to your account. Do you want fries with that? Those are extra too.
The real surprise here is that Budapest has a significantly varied 19 choices within France as opposed to Vienna where there are only four within France and none anywhere else. From Budapest, you can go to Naples. WOW!!

The idea is that this will be a feeder for other global Air France routes. The English link is here.

•    Biarritz
•    Bordeaux
•    Brest
•    Caen
•    Clermont Ferrand
•    La Rochelle
•    Lille
•    Limoges
•    Lorient
•    Lyon
•    Marseille
•    Metz - Nancy
•    Montpellier
•    Mulhouse-Basel
•    Nantes
•    Nice
•    Poitiers
•    Rennes
•    Strasbourg

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