Friday, June 21, 2013

Don't Give Me Any Flax About How We Ended Our Day

What do you mean you hate museums?
Friday was spent walking around the city. We had decided that we would not visit any museums or anything that charged an admission because when we return, we will buy the Florence Card. We left the B and B by 9:30am and did not return until 11:30pm.
There were a couple of outdoor displays that filled small segments in our day. One piazza had a presentation on the uses of flax. This was particularly intriguing to me as flax seed is supposedly one of the food items that are a glucose inhibitor. What I didn’t realize are the many other uses for the plant itself. Besides being used for making linen, it is used in surfboards, rope, stuffing for chairs, and a few dozen other things that I had no idea about.

The other exhibit we found was and in retrospect still is a little confusing. It had something to do with motorcycles, but it was rather vague and strange. There was a motorcycle which looked like it was entirely decoupaged with newspapers while retaining all of the details of the bike. However, later when I inspected closer, it felt like it was sculpted from Styrofoam and not actually a motorcycle at all. Just as peculiar, there were bean bag chairs also covered in newsprint, both black and white and in color. In one section of this exhibit, there was a barber shaving a man with an old fashioned straight edge razor. On the opposite side, there were books all pertaining to motorcycles for sale alongside leather racing jackets. Adjoining this exhibit was a carousel, adding to the perplexity of the situation.

We ended our day by having dinner at the Hard Rock Café. Okay, no flack here. We collect Hard Rock pins from every city we travel to where there is a Hard Rock. There is something about these restaurants that transform me into a music lover, which I am not normally. There always seems to be some nostalgic souvenirs hanging on a wall that transport me back to a time when music played a significant role in a memory.  Honestly, dinner here was a vast improvement over last night’s, but that could be because I indulged by having ribs and pulled pork. Heavenly! We bought our pins on the way out too. 

The weather was spectacularly sunny, but not overly hot.
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